Teaser Tuesday: Shadow of a Girl by Shannon Greenland

Teaser Tuesday

Don’t miss today’s Teaser Tuesday from Shadow of a Girl by Shannon Greenland, which released on Monday, Sept. 19, 2016!

I glance at his pad and then up into his dark eyes, seeing in them how much this means to him. I settle the guitar across my lap. “Do you want me to just start playing? Is that how this works?”

West nods. “I’ll come in with the words when I feel it’s right.” He flips off the flashlight, and we’re surrounded by the night, the moonlight, stars, and the ocean breeze. “Close your eyes,” he whispers, “and just absorb.”

I do and a couple seconds later begin strumming my song, and he begins singing…

“Open up your heart and see what is inside.

Now that we’re apart can’t you see love’s blind?

I need you by my side to comfort me this night.

Cross the seas with me and join me in my flight.”

I continue playing, soaking in the words as his smooth, baritone’s voice flows around us, filling the night with peace and love. When West finishes, I open my eyes and stare into his.

“Those words,” I whisper. “That’s the most beautiful song I’ve ever heard.”

He doesn’t respond and instead just stares at me. A couple of seconds pass and with each one, something shifts in the air. Taking the guitar, he lays it aside and comes toward me, gently pushing me onto my back and stretching out beside me. He leans in and my gaze fixes on his mouth. I watch his lips part, but when he doesn’t close the gap to kiss me, I trail my eyes up to his.

They gentle as he looks down at me. “Damn, you’re beautiful,” he says.

All kinds of flutters shoot through me.

He lowers his lips, but still he doesn’t kiss me, and instead hovers just a fraction above. “You’ve turned into my muse.”

I wet my lips. “I-I have?”

“Yes,” he whispers and closes that teeny tiny space to brush his mouth ever so slightly over mine. “Yes, you have.”


About Shadow of a Girl:

Use cash and keep moving. 

After I ran away from home, these were the two rules that dictated my life. Scoring a job as a roadie fit perfectly for what I needed. Traveling, cash, and life out of the spotlight.  But when my path collides with West, the lead singer of Bus Stop, I can’t seem to stay out of his spotlight—especially since we’ll be touring together for an entire year.

West is determined to break down my walls. He won’t give up. And little by little they come crumbling. But if he knew what lurked behind them, he wouldn’t be so eager to get rid of them.

The more time we spend together, the more the lines of our friendship become blurred. He makes me dream of things I never thought possible. But while our friendship has been evolving into a romance, my secrets have been closing in. And just when I’ve decided to reveal my past to West, I’m confronted by it. The cost of my freedom could ruin the life of the guy I love…

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