Teaser Tuesday: Modern Monsters by Kelley York

Teaser Tuesday

Don’t miss today’s Teaser Tuesday from Modern Monsters by Kelley York, on sale 6/2/15.

She laughs. “You know, you’ve hardly stuttered at all during this conversation.”

I pause, considering that. She’s right. “Maybe Marco knocked it out of me.” When she shoves my arm and rolls her eyes, I laugh a little. “It’s better when I’m calm. It gets w-worse when I’m anxious.”

Autumn says, “Ahh,” like this explains every mystery in the universe. “And what makes you so calm around me, Vic?”

I don’t know how to answer that. At all. My face grows hot and I press the paper towels back to my mouth for no reason other than it keeps me from having to fumble for words. I shrug. She smiles. For once, there is no sadness or anger or anything extreme. Just the softness of her lips curved up so that it makes her eyes squinch at the corners. I could get used to a smile like that.

“Come on.” Autumn reaches for my free hand to tug me toward the door. “Your backpack is in the hall. I’ll walk you to class this time.”

Modern Monsters by Kelley York

About Modern Monsters:

Vic Howard never wanted to go to the party. He’s the Invisible Guy at school, a special kind of hell for quiet, nice guys. But because his best friend is as popular as Vic is ignored, he went…

And wished he hadn’t.

Because something happened to a girl that night. Something terrible, unimaginable, and Callie Wheeler’s life will never be the same. Plus, now Callie has told the police that Vic is responsible. Suddenly, Invisible Vic is painfully visible, on trial both literally, with the police, and figuratively, with the angry kids at school. As the whispers and violence escalate, he becomes determined to clear his name, even if it means an uneasy alliance with Callie’s best friend, the beautiful but aloof Autumn Dixon.

But as Autumn and Vic slowly peel back the layers of what happened at the party, they realize that while the truth can set Vic free, it can also shatter everything he thought he knew about his life… 

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