Swoon Sunday: Jeremy Stevens and Ransom Levi Morgan from The Society by Jodie Andrefski!

Welcome to Swoon Sunday where you get to meet some of our swoon-worthy heroes.  Today we have a visit from Jeremy Stevens and Ransom Levi Morgan from The Society by Jodie Andreski!

Jeremy and Ransom, why don’t you describe yourself to us.

Ransom: This should be fun, let me describe Jeremy for you. He’s your typical prep school boy. Notice I stressed the word boy. Nice little floppy boy-band hair cut, and the geek glasses to boot.

Jeremy: Well, we can’t all go with the stereotypical bad-boy look. Love the leather jacket and boots. When’s the last time you even got your hair cut by the way? And what kind of name is Ransom anyway? Did you make that up?

What’s your profession?

Jeremy:  I’m a senior at Trinity Academy in New York. I’m thinking about studying culinary arts at NYU after I graduate since I really like to cook. Sam’s always telling me she thinks I’d be great at it.

Ransom: I’m trying not to laugh at his answer.

Jeremy: And what do you do? Besides ride around on your motorcycle? Do you even work?

Ransom: I work some part-time jobs. I don’t give in to the greed of the almighty corporate dollar like some people I know.

Do you have a special skill?

Ransom: I have lots of special skills, but a gentleman doesn’t kiss and tell. And trust me, mine don’t relate to baking a cake.

Jeremy: Hilarious. I have other skills too.

Ransom: Yeah? Like what?

Jeremy: I’m the one who’s been there for Sam her whole life. I know how to cheer her up when she’s down and make her laugh when she’s upset. You? You’re a distraction, nothing more.

What’s your favorite movie of all time?

Jeremy: Probably the original Star Wars. I love sci-fi. Sam is always busting on me for my Star Wars and Doctor Who obsession.

Ransom: Rebel Without a Cause

Boxers or Briefs?

Ransom: Now the questions are getting interesting! Boxers all the way for me. I can guess his answer though– tighty-whities, nice and uptight just like him.

Jeremy: While I appreciate how interested you are in my underwear selection, sorry to disappoint you. I also wear boxers.

Early bird or Night Owl?

Ransom: Night owl. Evenings are more fun. Who wants to wake up early?

Jeremy: Early bird. I like to get up and go for a run before classes.

Ransom: I rest my case.

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Ransom: I don’t know if it’s okay to print. Let’s just say it’s something memorable. What about you, Jer? Was yours staying up past 9 on a school night?

Jeremy: Well not all of us can say ours included jail time.

Ransom: Mine didn’t. It was just a bit more exciting than TPing the teacher’s house.

If you had to describe yourself as an ice cream flavor, what flavor would you be?

Ransom: Rocky road. It has all different flavors mixed in and it definitely isn’t boring.

Jeremy: Maybe mint chocolate chip?

Ransom: Dream on, you’d be vanilla, pretty boy.

Jeremy: Does Juvie have an ice cream flavor?

Ransom: Good thing we’re done here, or I’d let you know.

And now for an exclusive, swoony excerpt between Sam and Ransom share:

He grinned, the streetlights glinting off his teeth. He moved forward slightly, and motioned for me to slide on behind him. I slung a leg over the leather seat and immediately realized how close I’d have to sit to him to keep from falling off the back. I gulped. He grabbed each of my thighs and pulled me even closer. Heat filled me as I came into direct contact with his body. I was completely pressed against him. Oh boy.


About The Society:

Welcome to Trinity Academy’s best-kept secret.

The Society.

You’ve been handpicked by the elite of the elite to become a member. But first you’ll have to prove your worth by making it through Hell Week.

Do you have what it takes?

It’s time to find out.

Samantha Evans knows she’d never get an invite to rush the Society—not after her dad went to jail for insider trading. But after years of relentless bullying at the hands of the Society’s queen bee, Jessica, she’s ready to take down Jessica and the Society one peg at a time from the inside out.

All it’ll take is a bit of computer hacking, a few fake invitations, some eager rushees…and Sam will get her revenge.

Let the games begin.

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