Swoon Sunday: Isaac the Goblin King from Chloe Jacobs’ Greta and the Lost Army

Welcome to Swoon Sunday where you get to meet some of our swoon-worthy heroes.  Today we have a visit from Isaac the Goblin King from Greta and the Lost Army (as well as the other books in the Mylena Chronicles) by Chloe Jacobs!

Isaac, where do you call home?

Mylena is my home. It exists in an alternate dimension to your human world, accessible only through very rare magick portals. A long time ago, Mylena was cursed by the Great Mother for our failure to banish the demon Agramon, and since then it has been coated in ice and snow and its people live in constant fear of losing their souls to the pull of the moons.

What’s your profession?

I am the Goblin King.

What does being the Goblin King entail?

It’s a responsibility that sits heavily on my shoulders. One I never intended to assume, but when my father was murdered by my uncle because of something that I had done, I knew that accepting my destiny was the one thing I could do to honor him (and protect Greta).

And why did you feel as if you had to protect Greta?

I was one of the few who suspected what she really was – a human. Such creatures are reviled in Mylena.

But you didn’t hate her?

I knew that I should, but…she intrigued me, and so I resolved to find out why she affected me so before deciding her fate. And in the end, I learned that her soul was fierce, her heart was pure, and her determination as strong as any Mylean. I started to believe that the warnings I had been fed my entire life about the evil humans were false.

What is your biggest dream/wish/desire?

That the rest of my kingdom and Mylena could one day learn to accept Greta as I have, so that we could be together.

What’s your darkest secret?

*pause* I have betrayed Greta, and that betrayal will cost us both dearly.

Uh…let’s move onto something a little safer. What is the one thing that no one knows or could never guess about you?

I am fascinated by the possibilities in new technology. Mylena is so backwards and dark, I want to bring create something that will help us overcome the hardships of our environment. Greta says that I’m an inventor at heart. I was not familiar with this word, but after she explained it to me, I think I agree.

Thank you so much for joining us, Isaac! Now, here’s a super cute excerpt from Greta and the Lost Army for our readers between Isaac and Greta…

The streetlamps cast soft cones of light on the sidewalks all the way through the neighborhood. Greta pointed things out as she remembered them. “That’s where my friend Danielle used to live. I guess she probably still lives there.”

“Are you looking forward to seeing her again?”

She nodded. “And if I remember correctly, she’s more hyper than a Mylean berserker—only less ripping and tearing, and more frenzied hugging and constant talking.”

The rumble of his amused chuckle made her grin. He squeezed her hand. She looked up at him, and it hit her. “You know, this is kind of like a date,” she said, tingles of awareness dancing up her spine.

His smile was crooked, and his eyes warm as he laid his arm across her shoulders, making her feel like he would rather be here with her right now than anywhere else. It probably wasn’t true. They were both too worried about Mylena for it to ever leave their minds completely, but maybe one day it would be true.

“What would be the purpose of a date?” There was such a thing as courtship in Mylena, but she and Isaac had pretty much bypassed anything resembling normal…in both worlds.

What if she was wrong and the portal didn’t open again? What if they stayed here? There could be more nights just like this, and eventually maybe they would get a place of their own and… “You know, so a couple can get to know one another and decide if they like each other.”

“But we already know we like each other.” When they were alone like this and his voice softened because he trusted her enough to let down his guard, it did crazy things to her. Like popping candy hitting her bloodstream. “Even more important, we know that we fit together. In battle together, or planning for Mylena’s future, even while arguing…and definitely when I kiss you…nobody fits me like you do.”

Greta and the Lost Army

About Greta and the Lost Army:

A fate as unavoidable as love itself…

After spending the last four years trapped in a place of monsters, demons, and magick, the last thing the fierce teenage bounty hunter Greta expected was to ever be back on Earth. But a rare opportunity gives her and the Goblin King Isaac the opportunity to do just that. Now she’s home. With a boy in tow. And her parents have lots of questions.

Although Greta finally has her heart’s deepest wish—to see her family again—every step she takes to reconnect with them drives her further away from Isaac. Greta and Isaac planned for her to return to Mylena and become his queen, but she’s not sure if she can go back to that harsh world, though staying on Earth means giving up the boy she loves.

But a powerful enemy refuses to let Greta escape. A demon who will stop at nothing to destroy her and everything she loves. Even if it means following her to Earth and forcing her to face a fate as unavoidable as love itself.

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