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Love Is In the Air…

Valentine’s Day is approaching quickly, and if there’s one thing that Entangled TEEN, Crush, and Crave authors have in common, it’s an understanding of LOVE in all it’s forms.

Whether you fall for the bad boy…or the supposedly bad boy…with a heart of gold, go gaga for a best friends to lovers plot line, can’t get enough of forbidden love to the soon-to-be step-sibling or between someone from the human world and Mylena, which hates humans, or need fake romances like you need air, then there will be one (or several) books to fall for during the Love Is In The Air Twitter Chat with Alyxandra HarveyChloe JacobsHeidi R. KlingJodie AndrefskiTera Lynn ChildsEmily McKay, and Shellee Roberts. These authors will be happy to answer any of your questions whether they deal with love, their books, their characters, or anything else you can throw at them.

What: The Love is in the Air Twitter Chat

Where: On Twitter using #EntangledInLove

When: Thursday, February 11th at 8-9pm EST

Who: Join @EntangledTEEN, @AlyxandraH, @Jacobs_Chloe, @HeidiRKling, @2000_words, @teralynnchilds, @Emily_Mc_Kay & @shelleeroberts

Don’t forget to use #EntangledInLove when you ask your questions for these fabulous Entangled TEEN, Crush, and Crave authors!

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