Book Boyfriend March Madness: Round Two (Day One)



Welcome to Round Two of the Book Boyfriend March Madness tournament! Things are going to get heated as these final 16 book boyfriends battle it out to be number one!


Today we have 4 very exciting matches for you! So get that voting finger ready to go if you want to see your boy advance!

Match #1:







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Favorite Dillan Quotes:


You’re a people pleaser, aren’t you? You’re the type that can’t stand someone not liking you and showing it.” Raising his head, he laughed openly now.

“That’s just…” I wanted to take a book from the shelf beside me and throw it at him. “I don’t even have a word—”

“Then I suggest you read a little more so you can find the word you’re looking for.” He hid his chuckle behind a fist.”


“He opened the door for me with an impassive expression. Oh, but he couldn’t fool me. I knew very well that he gloated inside. He had the right to. I’d be gloating aloud if I were him. I slid into the plush black leather seat and ran my hands over every surface I could touch after buckling my seatbelt. Awe, like a slow burning fuse, spread all over my body. My fingertips sizzled. It was one thing to hear Gramps talk and completely another to actually sit inside the fantasy.

“Should I give you two some time alone?”


His smile gave me unexpected quivers.

“Stop molesting my car.”


“Dillan didn’t just kiss. He slow danced. We moved in sync. I wanted to lose myself in him. In his touch. Right then the world seemed like such a perfect place.”


What Readers Are Saying About Dillan:


 “I didn’t mind the bad boy image Dillan portrayed because he actually has a heart unlike some other characters I’ve come across. His and Selena’s relationship becomes impossibly adorable.”- Adriana


“In walks Dillan Sloan.  “Mr. Rock-and-Roll-National-Geographic.”  Dillan is arrogant and rude when we first meet him.  He is also powerful and intelligent.  His chiseled good looks draw the attention of everyone in his high school, but Dillan has no use for any of them.  That is until he meets and shakes hands with Selena.  I liked Dillon’s arrogance, but I’m always a sucker for that type of character.  You can tell that underneath his tough facade that he’s just trying to find his way in his new world and to make the right decisions.  Sure, he’s a jerk, but an extremely redeemable jerk.  Dillan is dealing with his own demons and with some funky things that are happening in the small Wyoming town.”- Jamie


“It’s not the love-at-first-sight thing but Selena and Dillan definitely had that literal shock-at-first-sight force. So they basically got so interested with each other even though they kept on pissing each other off. I enjoyed how they showed their affection for each other. Sweet and funny at the same time. Not so mushy-mushy.”- Nina




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If Where You’ll Find Me had a Theme Song…

Favorite Nate Quotes:


 “That’s usually what you say, you know. When someone says ‘bless you.’ The polite thing to do is respond with a ‘thank you,’ especially after a sneeze like that. Wow.”


He must be fluent in Drunk because he says, “You told me to leave your garage, which I did.”


“Yeah,” Nate says softly, “and I can’t be one more thing you have to hide. I don’t want to do that to you, Hanley.”


Short Excerpt: (You live where?!)


The choices of possible weapons near me are lame: a bag of dirty car-washing rags, a garden hose, and a container of rock salt for icy steps. Something rustles over by the Trans Am. Lameness aside, I grab the salt in one hand and the hose in the other. There’s a laugh.

“What are you going to do with those? Give me a salt water bath?”

At least the tone is more teasing than menacing, but I still tighten my grip on the hose. “Who are you? Where are you? And what are you doing in my garage?”

“I live here.”

I almost laugh. “Um, no. You don’t. I live here, and I think I would know if there was someone else living in my house.”

“I didn’t say that I lived in your house. I said that I live here. In your garage.”

I roll my eyes. “Right. Well, I’d like to be able to see the crazy guy who claims to live in my garage, so can you… show yourself or something?”

“That depends. Can you lose the salt and the hose?”


What Readers Are Saying About Nate:


“And I loved Nate, of course. He’s really enigmatic in the beginning, and throughout most of the book actually. But that didn’t stop me from totally falling for him. He’s sweet, tough, funny, and an amazing cook. A completely sexy combination.”- Richa


“Nate’s character was wonderfully written. He had just enough mystery surrounding him that kept me interested in him, but he wasn’t a dark and brooding lead. He was caring, understanding, and funny. I liked him a great deal. In fact, I probably would have let him live in my garage!”- Michelle Pickett


“Nate was mysterious and cute – I simply adore him. And I would have so gone for him as a teeny. “- Deniz


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Match #2:








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Favorite Lorenzo Quotes:


“Lorenzo places his hands on either side of my face, lowering his head to stare directly into my eyes. His voice is barely above a whisper as he says, “you are my dream now.”

 “Rest assured not a finger will be placed upon signorina Patience. You have my word”


“He takes a step forward and rakes his hand through his curly locks. “And I shall give you true love’s first kiss,” he says, his voice a low rumble.

Lorenzo’s chocolate-brown eyes find my mouth, and he smiles devilishly.”

What Readers Are Saying About Lorenzo:


“Lorenzo…with a swoon-worthy name like that, you know you better guard your heart, and Cat tries her damndest to do just that. But as this suave and sexy ladies’ man from the past works his way into her thoughts, she finds herself falling for him, and falling hard. I love Lor! He’s one of my top book boys, and I admit, I selfishly want him all for myself.”- Trisha Wolfe


“Lorenzo… *insert incredibly dream sigh here*. I totally fell in love with him from the first time he winked at her *swoon* You will definitely find another book boyfriend to swoon over in this book. He is perfect and sweet while being cocky and kinda a bad boy at the same time. All I can say about him is he’s so perfect. I fell head-over-heels in love with him.”- Kayleigh


“Lorenzo. He gets his own paragraph. He should get his own post. Lorenzo was sweet, hot, smart, hot, an artist, hot, and he’s from the Renaissance period! You don’t get more swoon-worthy than that. Did I mention he was hot? Also, he’s a major part in Super Sweet. He influenced a lot of decisions Cat made, and in the end, I was heartbroken over the ending. But, I’ll slowly recover. Kind of. Eventually. So there may be a gaping hole in my heart over the ending of Super Sweet (don’t worry, I’m blowing it way out of proportions, but nonetheless it still chipped part of my soul). He had my heart pounding and I even have a Lorenzo trading card which I will keep and hoard forever. Nobody gets my Lorenzo trading card. Nobody.”- Eileen



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Favorite Daemon Quotes:


“Remind me,” he paused, drawing in a stuttered gasp, “to never piss you off again. Christ, are you secretly a ninja?”


“You look like you got more of a bath than the car. I never
thought washing a car would be so hard, but after watching you for the last fifteen minutes, I’m convinced it should be an Olympic sport.”


“I bet you think things through, right? Accept candy
from strangers and get into vans with a sign that reads free Kittens?”


What Readers Are Saying About Daemon:


“And oh hot Daemon. Who knew that aliens could be sexy. But he totally makes it work. He has the bad ass vibe, and he really is an ass sometimes. By about half way through, I understand why, but still.”- Brandi


“Then, there was Daemon. I’m not one to typically fall for an alien, but Daemon is the exception. Even with his arrogance and sharp tongue (which Katy easily matched), no words could describe my love for him.”- Kelsey


“Daemon the hot and sexy boy next door, who would make any girl drool. The guy who could have any girl he wants, could be anything he wants, but wants nothing but safety for his family and his people. Daemon who doesn’t trust lightly, but has a softer side, a side he doesn’t show often; but when he does it takes your breath away.”- Danielle


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Match #3:







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A teen girl has to face the obliteration of the human race to a virus that makes people act zombie-like with only the help of a rag-tag group of high school classmates, including her long-time crush, Liam, and her best friend, Deke.


What Readers Are Saying About Deke:


“Kemper allowed a guy who, in Donna’s eyes, is a nerdy video game player, to become the hero… Gotta love an underdog!”—Sara Grochowski (The Hiding Spot)


“I don’t know where to start about Deke…I just love strong and sweet guys *sigh*.”—Feli (Four-eyed Cat Reviews)


Short Excerpt (Swooning over the bestie!)

“Y-you saved my life today,” I choke out. “And then I hit you and yelled at you…I’m sorry, Deke.”

“No prob.” He waves away my apology. “I’m completely used to you abusing me, both mentally and physically.”

“And you still want to be my b-best friend?” My face can’t figure out if it wants to smile or break into fresh tears.


He reaches to hug me. And for once, I let him. It feels good and comfortable to touch Deke. Not intimidating and overwhelming like when Liam held me on the roof. He is warm, and more solid than I expected—muscles hiding underneath his black tee.

The hug lasts a second too long. Deke and I pull back at the same instant to find ourselves staring at each other.

For a moment, it’s more awkward than anything in the world. Which is dumb because Deke is my friend. He doesn’t like me that way. Right?

Deke reaches forward, just to wipe a stray tear from my cheek, but my breath catches in my chest.

At the sound, his hand freezes. Every ounce of blood in my body rushes to the spot where his skin meets mine. His hand hovers for a moment, like Deke’s deciding what to do next. Then his fingertips trace my jawline, coming to rest at my chin. He tilts my face upward.


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What Readers Are Saying About Cash:


“Cash is amazing. He used to be such a flirt and in Inbetween you kind of get the image of broken, party-boy, best-friend thing going on. In Blurred you see his artistic side and the side that cares. His sense of humor is still there though, and he had me smiling and laughing at him more than once.”- Wendy


“I loved Cash in Inbetween, but I am now head over heels in love obsessed with him. Simply, he makes me laugh and I love it when a guy can make me laugh. I loved getting inside his head and seeing from his perspective. His situation absolutely broke my heart. I don’t want to say much about it, because I don’t want to spoil anything, but I felt terrible for him. I wanted him to get his happily ever after in the worst way possible.”-Teresa


“Cash is the kind of guy that sucks me in when I read a book.  He hot (and he knows it), he’s kind of a bad boy, is quite the ladies man, and oozes with sex appeal.”- Ellen


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Match #4:






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Who IS Austin Michaels?

Austin Trading Card (1) (1)

 atotc2-2 (1)


Short Excerpt: (If you play with fire…)


Without stopping or even slowing his stride, he grabs a map from a vendor and flips it open. “So Lethal Xperience is at the back of the park. We’ll hit that first and then make our way up to the front.”

He seems unaware that the length of his legs far exceeds my own. As I frantically attempt to match his stride, I must pant or wheeze because he finally looks down at me, no doubt pink-faced and wide-eyed both from the sensory overload surrounding us and my huffing at a near jog to stay beside him. He grins. “Try to keep up, Short Stuff.”

I grit my teeth with determination and somehow keep myself from muttering, Yes, Master. But the thought still makes me smile. Cat must be rubbing off.

We pass a circular ride filled with fake horses going up and down. Giggling and drooling children clap their adorable hands from their belted saddles while a spirited tune blares overhead. Just past that is a miniature roller coaster made to look like a giant, happy centipede. The child in the front seat waves to his mother as the cart dips, and his squeal of joy tails behind him. It’s too bad that not all roller coasters can be five feet tall.

Then I get a wicked idea.


Austin believes I am a child, naive and boring, and, it would seem, without any humor. This second challenge is supposed to be about fun, and nothing—not even the lead role in a prestigious play with a crowd of a thousand—will give me more joy than turning the tables on him, even if only for a moment.


Looking back at the children’s ride, I grab Austin’s elbow and say innocently, “Is this not the roller coaster you are looking for?”


He stops rather abruptly and peers at me through squinted eyes. “You know, it’s like you look normal…” He trails off and shakes his head. He points a long tan finger at the centipede ride and in a tone dripping with condescension explains, “Less, Arthropod Picnic is a kiddie ride. It’s made for pint-size ankle-biters ages three and under.”


I try my best to look disappointed. I do everything I can to contain my mounting delight. But after no more than a few brief moments, I let forth a victorious giggle.


Realization dawns on his face. “You think you’re funny, huh?”


When I nod, he chuckles. He leans back on his heels and lets his gaze travel over my body. Humor dissipates as my skin prickles to life. On Austin’s slow ascent back up, he pauses to look me in the eye and an emotion crosses his face. It’s so fleeting—gone and there in an instant—that I cannot catch it.


“So, you think you’re ready to play at the big girl table now.” The left side of his mouth kicks up in a grin. “We’ll just have to see about that.”


The apparent taunt and Austin’s added wink spur me on.


This is my chance to prove to him that I’m not the timid girl I once was. To prove to myself that I’m no longer the child of my youth but a woman ready for the future.


I sashay toward a person dressed as a shiny nugget of gold posing for pictures with children, feeling Austin watching me, his gaze on my every step like a physical touch. My legs feel wobbly under my skirt, but an energizing spark ignites in my blood. I glance over my shoulder, confirming I have his complete attention, and then with an outward shrug (and an inner dance), I reply with every ounce of confidence I can muster, “Yes. We will.”


Austin’s smile widens. The sounds and patrons of the park fade away, and it is as if we are the only two around. I don’t know what is happening…I scarcely even recognize myself in this moment. Being with Austin does that. It turns me into someone else.


And I like who I become.


I watch his slow saunter, my body poised with tension. I don’t know what is going to happen next, but I wouldn’t trade the delicious expectation for anything. Austin doesn’t stop until he is right in front of me, close enough that I have to look up to meet his demanding blue gaze, and so close that warmth fans across my face as he says in a low voice, “Careful, girl. You’re playing with fire.”


“I’ve been careful my whole life,” I tell him, surprising myself with the resentment ringing in my tone. But it’s the truth. “And you know, I think it’s about time for me to be a little…” I bite the corner of my bottom lip, searching for exactly the right word to describe the emotions and thoughts that have surfaced the last few days. When I find it, I smile and wiggle my eyebrows suggestively “Wild.”

Austin sucks in a breath. He searches my eyes and I boldly stare back, praying that he cannot see my knees shaking. Then, obviously concluding that I meant every word, he flashes his devilish grin. “I can work with that.”


atotc (1) (1)


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Green: I’d be true to you no matter what. I look at him over my shoulder. He’s smiling that honest smile.


What Readers Are Saying About Logan:


“Her friendship and burgeoning relationship with Logan was without a doubt the high point of the book! He was so sweet and butterfly inducing in every scene and I wanted to squee at every moment! There’s one scene where he dedicates his show to Maddie that was so sweet I was like a puddle of swoony goo!”- Danielle


“Then you have her nerd crush, Logan Scott. He’s a cute, soccer player whose family runs the local comic book store. When a certain incident brings these two together, and Logan figures out about Maddie’s nerdy side, things get interesting! I also have to admit, I might have a nerd crush on Logan Scott, too. He’s just so adorkable!”- Magen


 “I LOVED him. He brought out (in my opinion) Maddie’s best side. He was always himself and taught Maddie to be ok and comfortable in her own skin. Anyone that can bring out the best in someone is always worth it. “- Nikki


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That’s it for the first 4 matches of Round Two! We’ll see you back here on Friday for the last four!

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