Teaser Tuesday: Pushing the Boundaries by Stacey Trombley

Teaser Tuesday

Don’t miss today’s Teaser Tuesday from Pushing the Boundaries (Off Limits, #1) by Stacey Trombley, which released on Monday, January 16, 2017!

I know I’m in trouble the moment Myra looks at me that way. Her eyes burning, like they have been lit on fire. My soul is gone, flying. The wall, the hardness is gone. I want to grab her, pull her from these children, and take her for myself, the way I know I could right now. But I won’t. Not yet. To see her with these children, playing and smiling—it’s too perfect. That is when she is the most beautiful. All guards down. Her soul perfectly exposed, showing the very best parts of herself. For so long I wanted her to show those parts to me. To see her look at me with the sincerity she shows the children. Now that she is, now that she is not shying away, not hiding, I am scared too.

Not scared like she was, afraid of letting me in or what I might find—I have nothing to hide. I am scared of what tomorrow will bring. Scared of this weekend, when she gets on a plane and leaves forever. And for a moment I am scared that that’s exactly what she’s looking forward to. Giving in to the “cute” Haitian then leaving forever. “Something wrong?” she asks in a soft voice. My mouth goes dry, and I shake my head, shaking my doubts away with it. I don’t care what her motivations are. All I know is that this is the real Myra, and that’s what I’ve wanted all along.


About Pushing the Boundaries:

Myra goes to Haiti with one goal: take the photograph that will win a scholarship and prove to her uber-traditional family that she has what it takes to be a photographer instead of a doctor. Her camera has always been her shield against getting too close to anyone, but she didn’t expect the hot teen translator who has an ability to see past her walls.

Elias needs his job as a translator to provide for his siblings. He can’t afford to break the rule forbidding him from socializing with a client. Except this girl Myra insists on going outside the city to capture the perfect picture, and he steps in as her guide in order to keep her safe.

The deeper they travel into the country, the harder they fall for each other. Now they’re both taking risks that could cost each other their dreams.

If they get too close—it could ruin both their lives.

Disclaimer: Caution! Reading this book will open your heart and inspire you to take risks. Only those searching for true love should proceed.

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