#OneVoice: YA Authors Take a Stand Against Bullying

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October is National Bullying Awareness Month!


Bullying is one of the biggest hurdles teens face today. Since the advent of social media, bullying has taken on a bold and more vicious face. This October Entangled Teen, is partnering with Dear Teen Me in launching a national campaign to empower teens to take a stand against bullying.  

Some Facts About Bullying

  • One out of three students is bullied
  • It increases dropout rates
  • Cause low self-esteem
  • Lead to depression
  • Lead to self-harm and suicidal ideation

We hope you will join us throughout October as YA authors including Ellen Hopkins, Ann Aguirre, Rachel Caine, Cheryl Rainfield, Carrie Jones, Alyssa Day (writing as Lucy Connors), Trinity Faegen, Cole Gibsen, Julie Cross and many more share their stories about bullying.  See the full line up below.

Pledge to take a stand against bullying on Twitter, Tumblr or any other platform using the hashtags #OneVoice and #YouAreNotAlone.

Entangled Teen and Dear Teen Me take our pledge today:

We pledge to take a stand against bullying each and every day. #OneVoice #YouAreNotAlone

To find more information about what you can do to support bullying awareness visit PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center’s website.

October 1 – Cole Gibsen

October 2 – Ellen Hopkins

October 3 – Ann Aguirre

October 6 – Anna Banks

October 7 – Shannon Lee Alexander

October 8 – Julie Cross

October 9- Alyssa Day writing as Lucy Connors

October 10 – Jus Accardo

October 11 – D.R. Rosensteel

October 13 – Rebekah Purdy

October 14 – Mary Lindsey

October 15 – Tracy Clark

October 16 – Chantele Sedgwick

October 17 – Rachel Caine

October 17 – Francesca Zappia

October 18 – Lisa Brown Roberts

October 19 – Victoria Scott

October 20 – Trinity Faegen

October 21 – Tiffany Truitt

October 22 – Tara Fuller

October 23 – Jennifer Bosworth

October 24 – Cheryl Rainfield

October 25 – Chloe Jacobs

October 26 – Brigid Kemmerer

October 27 – Carrie Jones

October 28 – Sarah Bomley

October 29 – Sarah Darer Littman

October 30 – Tonya Kuper

October 31 – Nikki Urang

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