Memes and Other Things Your Parents Will Never Understand

Christina Mandelski joins us today to talk about generation gaps…


Move-in day.


The generation gap – that Grand Canyon that exists between our parent’s taste and our own — has existed the beginning of time and I’m pretty sure always will. I hated my parent’s music/clothes/etc. I’m pretty sure my dad wore earplugs when I blasted Duran Duran in my bedroom.

Every once in a while, though, a seismic shift in the universe occurs that closes the gap a tiny bit and, if only for a short time, the world is a sweeter place.

It happened last week when I took my youngest daughter to college. She’s a freshman, going to a college four and a half hours away from home, so, basically, I was a wreck. She’s a good kid, my daughter, funny and honest, and brings a certain energy to the house that I knew I’d miss like crazy.

Not that we don’t have our differences and disagreements. Oh, we do. She’s stubborn. Wants a tattoo. She’s messy and wears some quirky clothes, which are mostly thrifted and super unique and look great on her but are not at all my style. She gets frustrated with me because I can’t seem to grasp the concept of a meme. Like, my brain literally can’t fathom what that is. And then there’s my capris and so-called “Mom” shirts that she wouldn’t be caught dead in.

Anyway, so yes, there’s a gap.

Turns out that on the day we had to leave for college drop off was the same day that To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before came out on Netflix, which completely stunk because we’d been planning to watch it together for weeks.

I’d hoped that maybe we’d have time to carve out a few hours the morning of the day we left, but things were too crazy. We were caught up in the last-minute packing of closet organizers and Command strips and enough multi-vitamins to get her through the semester.

So, we did not have time for the movie.

What we did have was four and a half hours in the car together. We both love Jenny Han (have you read The Summer I Turned Pretty series? OMG, it’s so good), but neither of us had gotten around to reading To All the Boys…. So, I downloaded the audiobook, and we listened to it, all the way to college. My favorite thing about the book (as with many of my favorite YA books) is that it doesn’t matter when you were a high school student, or if you still are, Lara Jean’s story and those devastating crushes(!) are totally relatable to anyone – whether you’re class of 2018 or 1988 or 1968.

No, we didn’t make it all the way through the audiobook before we rolled onto campus, but spending that last four-plus hours together, listening to a book that we were both loving – despite our different tastes and ideas about how we live our lives – was special. It allowed the gap to close, just a little.

Books are powerful and awesome like that, aren’t they?

Yes, the gap will most definitely open again (especially if a tattoo becomes involved), but it was such a nice way to spend the last few hours before dropping my baby girl off to start the rest of her life. I wish her, and all of you who are back to school, all the best things the world has to offer. Study hard, have fun, and also – it won’t kill you to call your mother once in a while.


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