It’s Almost Halloween! Let’s Watch Scary Movies!

I have a teensy fixation with Halloween. I start decorating in September (because it takes that long to haul out all my decorations). I usually read several horror-romance novels *cough, DEAD OVER HEELS, cough*. And I always set aside a weekend to watch spooky movies.

Here, in no particular order, are ten of my favorites. Some are super-scary; some are more funny than terrifying. But all are a great excuse to snuggle up with a cutie on a dark October night!

  • Woman in Black

If you don’t jump at least once during this movie, you’re braver than I am. (Also, Daniel Radcliffe. Yay!)

  • Warm Bodies

This flick isn’t overly scary. It’s hilarious, sweetly romantic, and contains a very hot teen zombie boy. Win!

Warm Bodies

  • Poltergeist

This was the first horror movie I ever watched. I locked my toy clown in the closet and slept with my light on for weeks. Retro 80’s creepiness.

  • Paranormal Activity

This movie is so fun! Yeah, you’ll jump a few times. And squeal. For anyone who watches Ghost Hunters, this has that same grainy, homemade feel.

  • The Ring

Such a feeling of dread throughout this whole movie. I don’t scare easily, but The Ring got to me. Especially the ending.

  • 28 Days Later

This one wins for my favorite scene in a horror film. Hannah (teen heroine extraordinaire!) changes a flat tire in a tunnel while fast zombies race toward her car. Epic.

  • The Shining

Stephen King is the master! Crazy tension, creepy happenings, perfect remote spooky atmosphere. Last time I was in Orlando, I got to see the ax used in the movie—totally exciting for a horror dork like me. J

  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre

This classic goes way beyond your average slasher flick. There’s a psychological aspect that leaves you feeling drained and possibly a little more aware of the messed-up people that inhabit our world.

  • Insidious

The monster in this one’s a bit cheesy, but other than that, it’s a solidly scary movie with some squeal-worthy moments.

  • The Conjuring

The ending wasn’t my favorite, but this is worth watching just for certain over-the-top spooky scenes. Great opening with the doll. And the part with the wardrobe? Yikes.

Now it’s your turn! What’s your favorite scary movie? I’m always looking for recommendations. Leave me a comment below. And have a safe and happy Halloween! 🙂

About Alison Kemper:

Alison Kemper grew up in South Florida, the only girl on a street with eleven boys. She spent her childhood paddling a canoe through neighborhood canals and looking for adventure. She usually found it. Sometimes the police were involved. And large dogs. And one time, a very territorial snake. She now lives in North Carolina and writes books. The books often include girls having adventures. With boys. Cute boys. And cute dogs too. But no cute snakes. Never cute snakes. Donna of the Dead is her first novel.

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Glenview, North Carolina. Also known―at least to sixteen-year-old Ava Pegg―as the Land of Incredibly Boring Vacations. What exactly were her parents thinking when they bought a summer home here? Then the cute-but-really-annoying boy next door shows up at her place in a panic…hollering something about flesh-eating zombies attacking the town.

At first, Ava’s certain that Cole spent a little too much time with his head in the moonshine barrel. But when someone―or something―rotted and terrifying emerges from behind the woodpile, Ava realizes this is no hooch hallucination. The undead are walking in Glenview, and they are hungry. Panicked, Ava and Cole flee into the national forest. No supplies, no weapons. Just two teenagers who don’t even like each other fighting for their lives. But that’s the funny thing about the Zombpocalypse. You never know when you’ll meet your undead end. Or when you’ll fall dead over heels for a boy…

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