Crushes, by Cecily White

It’s true I love a younger man,
Mostly just because I can.
He was Awkward on my TV screen,
But soon took possession of my dreams.
Dang, he’d look so fine in leather,
I think he might be mine forever!

But wait, here comes another guy!
He makes me tingle, I don’t know why.
I met him on a Divergent page,
It doesn’t matter what his age.
His name’s Tobias, but I call him “Four,”
Yes, my crushes end here, forevermore!

Okay, I may have spoken too quickly,
There’s this other dude, but he’s rather sickly.
No, I swear, I don’t mind!
Werewolf or no, he’s totally mine.
Sam Roth’s his name. He writes me songs.
He makes me Shiver, all winter long!

OMG, wait! This is the one!
This crush is going to be so much fun!
He’s kind of nerdy, but he writes so sweet.
Dang, I wish he’d return my tweets!
Neil Gaiman, your aloofness is on my last nerve!
Sigh! Well, at least you’re not a perv.

Hold the freaking phone. . . it’s love!
He’s got a girlfriend? *gives her a shove*
This one is different, a little bit naughty.
And wait, can this be? This guy has a. . . body?
I met him in my Psych grad class.
More boys walked by. Hmmm. . . Nah, I’ll pass.

He’s annoying and flawed. He drives me up a wall.
Damned if it’s not into love I fall!
Sure, we’ll get married. We’ll travel the world.
I’ll keep falling in love. I’m that kind of girl.
In books, in movies, and even TV,
I’ll always have crushes. . . but they’ll never have me!

These are my crushes…who are some of yours? Bonus points if you answer in verse!

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