Author Speed Round Interview with Katherine Fleet!



Author Speed Round Interview with Katherine Fleet!

Sometimes at Entangled TEEN, we like to play a little game of would you rather that we like to call an Author Speed Round Interview. We ask authors a series of questions, they get back to us with the first thing that pops into their head, and you get to see a little bit closer into the life of your fave…or soon to be fave YA authors.

Today, Katherine Fleet, the debut author of The Secret to Letting Go, shares her responses to questions as diverse as salty or sweet, Peeta or Four, and the all important, coffee, tea, or soda! So sit back and watch as she answers some of our (and maybe your) burning questions:

Like Katherine’s personality? Learn more about The Secret to Letting Go…

the secret to letting go

About The Secret to Letting Go:

Haunted with guilt after his girlfriend’s death, Daniel Hudson has no interest in committing to anyone. At the end of the summer, he’ll be leaving Florida for a new start in college. If only he could avoid the mysterious new girl in town, who seems every bit as naive and eccentric as she looks. Trouble is, she’s hard to ignore, with her beautiful piercing eyes, pitiful-looking dog, and unsettling tendency of finding trouble.

Clover Scott lived her whole life off the grid and arrives on the Gulf coast in search of her grandparents. She never expected to nearly drown, or get caught in a hurricane, or fall in love with the boy who rescues her. Now, she has a chance to rewrite her life’s story, to finally fit in somewhere, but Daniel wants answers about her past. When the police start asking questions about the disappearance of her parents, she must make a choice: go to jail or confess her secrets—even if they might destroy her chance at a happily-ever-after.

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