Swoon Sunday: Landon from The Summer Before Forever (Before Forever, #1) by Melissa Chambers!

Welcome to Swoon Sunday where you get to meet some of our swoon-worthy heroes.  Today we have a visit from Landon Jacobs from The Summer Before Forever by Melissa Chambers!

Landon, why don’t you describe yourself to us.

I’m a tall guy which makes me all wrong for wrestling, but that doesn’t stop me. I’ve got dark hair that I should probably cut, but who cares. I’ve got blue eyes and a freckled face. I’m out in the sun a lot which probably makes them worse than they have to be. But I like working outside. And I live at a resort in Florida, so who wants to be inside when the sun’s out?

What’s your profession?

I drive a cart at the resort where I live with my mom. I pick people up who are going to the beach and drop them off. I’ve got dyscalculia, so I suck at directions sometimes. But I’ve got GPS and earbuds, so I’m good.

Where do you call home?

Destin, Florida. That’s where my mom and I live. My dad’s in Lexington, Kentucky, so I’m there some of the time, too. Even though I grew up in Lexington, this resort is where my family used to come to every summer, so it’s as much home as my real hometown.

What kind of music do you listen to? (What song are you listing to on his iPod right now?)

That’s funny you ask. I don’t listen to music…like ever. Let’s just say I had a bad experience with it when I was younger. A therapist was hell bent on using beats and rhythms to fix my disability, but all she did was make me want to hurl when I heard any music. I’m a sports guy, so I listen to sports talk radio. But the girl who is getting ready to be my stepsister is a music freak. She’s obsessed. She’s making me a playlist, introducing me to some of her music. I think it’s mostly alt rock. I’m not sure what I think about that, but I sort of like her, so we’ll see.

Do you have a special skill?

I’m a damn good wrestler. I’m heading to North Florida State on scholarship in the fall.

What is your biggest dream/wish/desire?

Even though I’ve got this wrestling scholarship, what I really want is to play football for Georgia Tech. My learning disability holds me back though. At my high school, my coach and the guys on the team made accommodations for me. Our quarterback used no numbers at all in his calls. Commands were assigned colors. Players were assigned nicknames. It’s not like I’m going to ask the Georgia Tech football team to use Greek god names for plays like my high school teammates did. So wrestling it is.

What’s your darkest secret?

Chloe doesn’t know I’ve got dyscalculia. I’m just so sick of everyone knowing that about me. For once, I don’t want to be the guy who gets services. I’m pretty smart otherwise, so it’s not been hard to fool her so far. I read tons of biographies, mostly of world leaders. She thinks I’m this really smart, perfect guy. She’s uses that word…perfect. What a joke.

Who is your idol?

Odell Beckham Jr. I’m a wide receiver.

What is your favourite movie of all time?

Ah, man. That’s tough. I really liked Argo. My dad says he remembers when all that went down in Iran. I could talk to my dad for hours on end about all that historical stuff, but all he wants to talk about is getting me to walk on for Georgia Tech. He has no idea how hard those conversations are, because I want to so bad, but I can’t. I just can’t.

Early bird or night owl?

I used to get up pretty early. I like to run before it gets too hot. But lately I’ve had trouble getting to sleep, so I’m sleeping later in the mornings. Sleep doesn’t come so easy when a girl you’re into is lying in a bed on the other side of your wall.

Liked the Interview with Landon? Now check out a swoony excerpt from the book featuring a conversation between Chloe and Landon:

“Have you ever been in love?” he asks.

A bolt of sensation shoots up through my chest sending my body into a quivering mess.

“Me?” As if he’s talking to someone else in this room.

He doesn’t answer, just turns his head toward me, waiting for my answer, leaving my heart pounding.

“No, actually, I’ve never been in love,” I say. “Have you?”

“I may have thought so, but now, I don’t think I was.”


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