Prom Night Dont’s from Lisa Burstein

If you’ve read my debut novel Pretty Amy you know the main character Amy doesn’t make the best decisions on prom night and as a result ends up in a jail cell with her two best friends. If you haven’t, I’m going to give you a top five list of everything you, your sister, daughter, or best friend SHOULDN’T DO on prom night.

Prom Night Don’ts

  1. Don’t let your best friends set you up with someone you’ve never met. If you don’t know your date do a background check on him. You’ll be much less likely to end the night with handcuffs around your wrist instead of a corsage if you know up front that he’s a drug dealer.
  1. If you get stood up don’t break into your date’s house. I know you’re angry. I know you want to rip his pillow to shreds and leave feathers all over his room, but just talk bad about him on Facebook and Twitter like everyone else.
  1. Don’t go to your prom without tickets. You won’t get in and chances are your ex-boyfriend will be manning the door and make you feel like crap for showing up dateless and ticketless. Just go straight to the after party and stay there.
  1. Don’t get wasted…. I know you want to try to forget getting stood up, but you have your whole life to wake up hungover….college is months away after all.
  1. Don’t get arrested. I’m pretty sure spending the night in a jail cell in prom dresses with your two best friends isn’t a bucket list item. But if it is…

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 Pretty Amy by Lisa Burstein


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