Around the Web – Friday, September 14, by Amy Spalding

I don’t know if you’ve heard…but it’s hard being a writer, guys. Like, the writing is really hard, the editing is really hard, and sometimes it seems like people are calculating exactly how to crush your dreams. Also there is so, so much waiting.

But we’ve gotta get through it! And maybe it’ll be better if you buy yourself this Fancy Pants Boxed Wine Hand Bag (hey…convenient). And can YOU make it through this post without squealing? (Me? No.)

Maybe you need to feel a little superior (hey, we all do sometimes, right?) so how about laughing at the top five pointless abilities people love to brag about? Or maybe you need to feel INferior, in which case, the rich cats of Instagram should put you in your place.

Listen, there are a lot of scary times if you’re a writer. No matter what stage you’re in and how much you may have already accomplished, it seems there’s always something around the corner to freak you out.

So…just remember: you’re not alone. And Emergency Cute Stuff is on Twitter.

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  • Trapped in the unending woes of editing, I appreciated this post. Sometimes you need a reminder that there are others out there trying to accomplish their goals too. And sometimes you just need a fun break!

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